Colin Hooper

Ontario, Canada

Playing music from 3 generations, from all decades up to present day. Music that can capture people's emotions across the spectrum. Music you can dance too, music you can relax to and even cry to. Playing music can bring people together, and part of my show is taking listeners requests so we can all join in together and enjoy.

I have always played music for friends and family, music that we can all enjoy . Now with my own radio show on my nephews Gareth and Geraint's radio network just makes this bigger and better. Bringing you music from the UK, North America and indeed around the world. Let me know your favourite songs where ever you are and we can all learn and enjoy new and old songs together.


21:00-00:00 (CAN)

The Colin Hooper Show


02:00-05:00 (UK)

The Colin Hooper Show


18:00-21:00 (UK)

The Colin Hooper Show Replay

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