Gareth Watts

England, U.K.

I have been interested in music from a very young age and when the time was right I decided to take that love and start doing Disco DJ'ing in pubs and clubs. During those times I met a lot of great people but it was always my dream to work in radio. So in 1996 I followed that dream and started my first internet radio station, with my brother Megaradio and it's been all go since then. Today I have evolved to this great internet radio station of my brothers "Mega1050" now South Coast Radio together with my own two stations called "KBM" and "Very Cool Radio". I now network on Friday nights with Geraint Watts on South Coast Radio with the Friday night party 10pm and the power hour on Geraints show at 23:00 00:00 Hope you can sign onto our link and give me a listen. I look forward to your requests. Just email me or Facebook me on - https://www, Thanks for reading.


22:00 (UK)

The Twins Show


22:00-23:00 (UK)

Friday Night Party


00:00-02:00 (UK)

Fri Night into Sat Morning


23:00-24:00 (UK)

The Power Hour

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